Leroy Martin

Dennis McGarry

Trudence Miller*

David Miller*

Patricia Mitchell

Margaret Montague

Pat Reimers

Michael Schrag

Dawn Schwisow

Mike Schwisow

Jeff Selcho

Jeff Snider

Hazelynne Telecky

Marvine Thaut

Pamm Tuffield

Terry Tufts*

Steven Wellsandt

Kathy Werth*

Lynn Zeimantz

*indicates deceased

Roger Evans

Rose Foss

Hugh Gannon

Hannalore Graf

Kevin Heimbigner

Steve Heimbigner

Susan Heimbigner

Susan Holmes

Linda Jacky*

Ron Janzen*

Madeline Kagele

Vicki Kautz

Jeff Koch*

Judy Krause

Rennie Kubik

Gerald Kulm*

Alton Leisle

Vicki Lenhart

Allan Little

Steven Maier

Cheri Adams

Leslie Allert

Raelene Allert

Pam Bauer

Pat Bauer*

Kathy Beale

Anita Benzel

Bonita Benzel

Bruce Benzel

Jeanne Benzel

Kristen Bernard

David Braun*

Russell Burroughs

Judy Crossler

Carmen Davis

Bill Downs

Jerry Dyck

Carl Eckhardt, Jr.

Jim Evans

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The Class of 1967 will be having an "Open House' at the Wheatgrower's Annex (109 E. First) from 1:00pm-4:00pm on Saturday.  Forty of the 58 classmates plan to attend. The class will also be remembering the nine classmates who have passed away:  Jeff Koch, Jerry Kulm, Pat Bauer, Ron Janzen, Trudi Miller-Abell, Linda Jacky, David Braun,  Kathy Werth Katz and Terry Tufts.

After a picture session at 4:30pm at the Annex,  there will be over 60 classmates and spouses/significant others attending the Alumni Banquet.

Gail Buckley Jones, a former classmate, will also be at the Open House and attend the banquet.

Other class members will be involved in the Alumni Program:  Carl Eckhardt, and his cousin, Tom McLain, will be providing special music before and during the banquet. Margie Montague Gannon is the toastmistress, with Pat Reimers Wilson providing the Invocation.

The Class of 1967 will then gather again at the Annex after the banquet for more reminiscing, looking through various scrapbooks, photo albums and photo displays